Van der Vyver Transport is family within a family company, we are determined to never forget that our hardworking team is what makes the difference. We value our people and will always look at ways to grow together.

Team - Van der Vyver Transport | Long Distance Transport Company


Emile van der Vyver started his journey as a mechanic, working on Alfa Romeos in the heart of Cape Town at the age of 17. He later moved on to sell insurance before finding his true passion in transport.

In 1984 Emile and brother Corrie started Van der Vyver Transport by sub-contracting for other transporters. Emile later continued the business on his own, hiring key members along the way to grow the business into what it is today. Van der Vyver Transport is currently operating with over 130 trucks and trailers, and over 200 staff members. Emile stays true to his routes by taking care of his own and treating his staff with respect.

His values and work ethic are what helped establish this business and set the tone to bring it to where it is today. He is more passionate about what he does then ever before and looks to keep building for future generations.


Our team is committed to client service delivery

Our management team have a combination of over 100 years of experience in the transport industry.


Our Team is available 24/7


Internships & Learnerships

We currently have a internship programme at Van Der Vyver Transport for

aspiring drivers. This programme is designed to give people the experience they need to apply for job opportunities. Once our students have successfully completed their studies and training hours, they are hired as a Van Der Vyver Transport Driver.

Team - Van der Vyver Transport | Long Distance Transport Company


We pride ourselves on our family focussed environment. Many of our staff members work alongside their children, siblings or cousins.

We believe that things are not always strictly business that the whole person matters when it comes to doing your work well.

We aim to create a work environment where people are valued and that we journey together in growing as people and families.

Team - Van der Vyver Transport | Long Distance Transport Company
Team - Van der Vyver Transport | Long Distance Transport Company